The Chicago Transit Authority #44 Elevated/Subway Streetcar is currently operational. #44 is a single-unit version of 6000-series cars; operator’s cab at each end; had both third-rail and trolley pole power pickup. Built by the St. Louis Car Company for Chicago’s elevated and subway lines, using trucks and controls designed for PCC-type streetcars.

Some components came from Chicago’s own PCC streetcars which were replaced by electric trolleybuses and diesel buses in the 1950s. Mostly on the Evanston line (today’s Purple Line) until 1993, and came to TNMOT in 1998. Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Elevated Car #44 was built in 1959 with recycled parts from retired Chicago President’s Conference Committee (PCC) streetcars. This car originally ran with a trolley pole on the Evanston line and to the Loop using third rail. Many of the original placards or “Car Cards” as they are called, can be seen inside the car.