Meet Your new pal Speedy McWheels–he’s super fast and lots of fun! Join us as Speedy zooms around The National Museum of Transportation and shows you all the greatest transportation vehicles around.

Click on the links below to videos to enjoy Speedy’s visit explaining so much of the awesome trains, cars, and more at the Museum. Then we hope you decide to come to visit for your very own tour of the fantastic vehicles that await!

Meet Speedy McWheels! In this episode Speedy introduces himself and then invites us to explore the Milk Tank Car, the Whale Belly Tank Car, and the Big Boy.

Speedy Journeys Through Time Speedy and Conductor Will take a trip through time visiting The National Museum of Transportation:  The oldest train at the Museum–the Daniel Nason, the futuristic Aerotrain, and the largest diesel-electric locomotive ever built–the Union Pacific Centennial. 

Speedy Explores the Seas and Skies Is Speedy a pirate or a pilot? Sail the mighty seas at The National Museum of Transportation. Then explore the sky as Speedy McWheels visits the “Gooney Bird.”

Speedy Eats on a Train Speedy visits the Silver Spoon at The National Museum of Transportation. I wonder what he will order? Let’s watch and find out.

Speedy Goes to School Will Speedy make it on time for his field trip to The National Museum of Transportation?

Speedy Loves Cars Speedy visits the Lindburg Automobile Building. Would you want a car that runs on batteries or perfume? Maybe Speedy can help you decided.

Riding the Rails with Speedy Let’s go for a ride with Speedy McWheels! Did you know that you can ride a miniature train, a handcar, and a streetcar at The National Museum of Transportation?

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For Tours and More Information Visit Us at: The National Museum of Transportation, in West St. Louis County, Missouri, houses what has been recognized by the Smithsonian as one of the largest and best collections of transportation vehicles in the world! The Museum readily shares its resources with the community, hosting school children on educational tours each year. Its mission is ‘to be the leader in protecting and interpreting North America’s transportation heritage.’