Circa 1890s 
Moon Brothers Carriage Car
Moon Brothers Carriage Company
Carriage Car
Brothers Joseph and John Moon came to St. Louis in 1882 and formed the Moon Brothers Carriage Company. The company manufactured carriages, wagons, carts and buggies at low prices and with a wide range of available features. For around one hundred dollars, base model carriages could be purchased, and for several hundred dollars more, options included room for four and collapsible tops. Well-known for its wholesale prices, the Moon Brothers Carriage Company became the largest of its type in St. Louis and a member of the National Carriage Manufacturing Association. In 1905, to keep up with the emerging industry, Joseph Moon began manufacturing automobiles. The Moon Brothers Car remained in St. Louis and manufactured cars until the early 1930s, when the company went out of business during the Great Depression. Hear more here.