Bloom and Groom Series

Weekly Report June 2nd 2022

By MaryAnn Fink/ The Native Explorer contributor/ Pollinator Junction/ Museum of Transportation

Pollinator food flowers now blooming at the Museum of Transportation’s Pollinator Junction:
 Penstemon digitalis is now in full bloom and is just stunning! She is calling in pollinators from far and wide!

The pollinator tea party is still happening! The  Catalpa tree is still flowering! Her large heart shaped leaves feels like the perfect base for her delicate looking flower cups. Somehow she makes me feel like she’s Nature’s perfect hostess serving nectar tea with hundreds of flower cups and leaf saucers!  Every petal cup is already tipping outward and sip-ready!

Brown belted bumblebees are visiting the last of our lovely azure blue Baptisia australis.

The first of the purple poppy mallow flowers are blooming and the pale purple coneflowers are starting to bloom. There are a couple nice stands of orange milkweed that are blooming really beautifully and the American holly is in full flower!

The  red mulberry fruit is ripening and the Kousa dogwood is still flowering. 

The lovely white fluffy flowers of dropwart (Filipendula vulgaris) is flowering (she’s non native but a pollinator food plant AND so very pretty!)