August 15th 2022

By MaryAnn Fink/ The Native Explorer contributor/ Pollinator Junction/ Museum of Transportation  

Just a few pollinator food flowers now blooming at the Museum of Transportation’s Pollinator Junction.

It is finally happening-the lovely cluster of several clumps of ‘Iron Butterfly’ ironweed has started blooming!!!!!!

This ironweed is an Arkansas native selection that displays a strong yet airy soft threadlike foliage that serves as a nice feathery “I can stand alone” perennial. He also blends well with medium textured foliage and is a striking contrast when paired with bold coarse textures or the straight vertical lines of grasses. He is a favorite flower friend I look forward to every year!

The Rose Mallow is blooming too! She loves wet feet!  Look for her beautifully positioned at the creek’s edge at  Pollinator Junction.

Sometimes in the early part of the morning just as the Hibiscus flowers first start to open it reminds me of old time embroidery stitching of side views of ladies in bonnets but so MUCH  prettier. The flowers are 4-6″ across–these are HUGE!

And have I mentioned Joe Pye Weed is  blooming too? (Yes I did, on the radio on Saturday during the 550 KTRS Inside Out Show!)

More on Joe Pye soon–in the meantime come visit Pollinator Junction at The Museum of Transportation!