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Molly Butterworth Book Signing – Trains & Trolleys

Dec 11, 2021
12PM - 2PM
Trains & Trolleys Molly Butterworth
The National Museum of Transportation (TNMOT) is hosting a book signing by Molly Butterworth of her latest book, Trains & Trolleys: Railroads and Streetcars in St. Louis. Join us in TNMOT’s Orthwein Visitors Center from noon to 2 pm on Saturday, December 11, 2021, to purchase your book and have Molly personally autograph your copy.
In Railroads and Streetcars in St. Louis, you have a ticket to travel across nearly two centuries through St. Louis train and trolley history. Read the stories of those who worked the rails, or hop on a streetcar ride down to Gaslight Square. Local author and transportation enthusiast Molly Butterworth thoroughly documents the history and significance of St. Louis’s connection to its railroad and streetcar days.