Pollinator Junction

Despite the dreary weather, a soon coming “find” of the next season is a twiggy bouquet of acid yellow flowers on a youthful specimen of Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mas), tucked up against the porch at Barrett Station at The National Museum of Transportation.

A period of discovery in a new pocket of landscape is glorious. It is like no other part of horticulture as it is when your relationship with a site literally and figuratively starts to grow. I can only compare it to falling in love!

This preseason bloomer is likely to continue carrying on well into Spring and she looks comfortable despite the chill and a possible silly Easter snow shower. She will look warm with her yellow flowers showing. It is like she has her own personal sunshine!

I do think she is situated now a little close to the railing, so I am guessing she’s been in place for 10-15 years or more. That is still young for a Cornus mas as they are known to live 50-100 years! 

This dogwood relative can eventually grow into a small, 20- to 25-foot-high tree or large shrub. (I wonder if the planter knew that and intended to limb her up along the way or if the porch came later–see…more to ponder and to love!

 She can thrive if in well-drained soil situation and look equally lovely as a specimen plant, in masses, near a patio, or even as a hedge.