Nature is the best design collaborator!

Unlike me, She is able to work tirelessly!

According to a most inspiring and renown sustainable architect Sim Van der Ryn, “since the “Back to Nature” movement of the 60’s there has been a challenge to design “smart” rather than accept the romantic notion of living off the land.” I believe we have do both live smart and give back to the land so that we can support LIFE. Isn’t that really romantic?

What does that mean for “sustainable” landscape design when we are clearly entering into a crisis of supporting an ever expanding human population with a dwindling pollinator population?

This push to help pollinators may “bee” the moment in history when sustainable gardening truly take off and mainstreamers begin to understand what we as environmental horticulturists embrace,  the future is “functional horticulture”!

I always want to be a promoter of an environment that can help facilitate a healthy home for pollinator and us.

As an advocate for my partner, Nature, I always “Garden for LIFE.” I consider myself part of this sustainable revolution and now after decades of carrying my deeply held environmental and spiritual values, I am honored that in my silver years I have the opportunity to “bee” partnered again with my friend, Nature as we steward the LIFE exhibit together, demonstrating  our message:

LIFE, It’s time to “bee” WITH  Nature

L For: Living creatures

I For: Interactive opportunities

F For: the Future, their and ours and the food chain that connects us to them

E For: our Essential need for eco-balance for everyone’s survival

Come visit the pollinary park, Pollinator Junction @ The National Museum of Transportation.

Pollinators – Nature’s most amazing Transporters!