While the National Museum of Transportation awaits the splendid news of our approved date for reopening, we are working daily to ensure the Museum is ready for our loyal guests when you come back. We know social distancing will remain a priority for months to come. TNMOT is currently adding acrylic dividers at registers, moving tables apart, changing to grab-and-go concession items, increasing cleaning/disinfecting protocols, limiting the number of guests in buildings, and many other safety measures.

Of course our visitors can take advantage of our ample 42-acre campus and explore the outdoors while enjoying our world-class collection. We have many active involvement, self-guided outdoor activities for guests to do.

Additionally, we are adding a 1,000,000 Step Fun Challenge for when you enter through our gates again.

When we reopen, we anticipate our visitors will stay engaged, stay moving, stay outside, and do it all while exploring a world-class collection! When we have a set reopening date, we will roll out complete details.

Thank you for working with us as we maneuver this uncharted territory.