10 Great Items 10 Dollars Per Chance to help support our new 3 Creation Station Options. Now through June 20th, “You’re Already A Winner!” Receive 1 ticket for entry to The National Museum of Transportation for every chance you buy. That’s a $12.00 value for each chance! Click on Gift Shop Filter, Pick Raffle Tickets.

First Winner picks item to redeem.
Each Following Winner picks from remaining prizes until all 10 Items have been selected.

Immediately following purchase of raffle tickets you will receive a conformation email. Keep for your records; this is your Raffle Entry. Museum Raffle Administrator will manage your entries.

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10-10-10 Raffle Items

  1. TNMOT Conductor Membership – Your family will enjoy a membership valued at $88 for a year!

2. Ride in the Chrysler Turbine Car – Take a ride in our turbine car and spend time with our resident Turbine expert.

3. Behind the scenes tour – You and up to 5 guests can enjoy a behind the scenes glance at the work the Museum is doing to restore our transportation history! Get up close to several artifacts behind the scenes!

4. Lifetime family membership – You can enjoy the wonderful opportunity to be a member for life!

5. Creation Station Birthday party – the birthday kiddo and up to 9 friends can enjoy a birthday party in our Creation Station!

6. Pilot Membership – enjoy the extra perks, like extra choo choo tickets, and fun that come with this membership!

7. Miniature Conductor – One person over the age of 9 is able to join our miniature train team as a guest conductor for up to 2 hours of fun!

8. Sneak-peek at our off-site storage – A once in a lifetime opportunity for you and three guests to explore our off-site storage of priceless artifacts!

9. Navigator Membership – Enjoy our top level of membership for a year!

10. Motorman for the day – join our trolley crew for an unforgettable experience operating a streetcar!

**All experiences must be scheduled in advanced on a mutually agreed upon date**

**Memberships can be gifted and/or added to current members levels**

For additional information please contact:

Amber Johansen

[email protected]314-712-3899